Friday, December 14, 2018

J to the Unicorn

Comics Every Tues @ Junicorn Stories on IG
Have you checked out Junicorn yet? It's a web comic/bio tale that my little one and I have been collaborating on this year.

Junicorn has some special needs that only enhance an incredible brain and hilarious/weird sense of humor.

I collect all the bizarre and funny things she says and then illustrate them. Some of the art elements are also straight from Junicorn's sketchbook, such as creepy Baby Ethan the invisible boy who lives in our gross attic.

Comics post every Tuesday on Instagram @Junicorn Stories (which includes a link for all your Junicorn fan merch needs.)

Thanks for supporting our family project with your follows, likes and swag sales!!


Fivebutterflies said...

My husband and I read every Junicorn entry! We just love it. That kid is ah-mazing! ❤️

To Bell the Cat said...

Thank you Fivebutterflies!! <3