Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Collector Profile: Angel Wings & Wedding Bells

Chris Wretschko's passion for angels began when she was just a little girl, but she became a serious collector in 1983 when she decided that her very own 'First' Christmas tree would have an angel theme.

Eventually, angels caught on as thee hot gift from family and friends. Over 300 Angel Ornaments later, the angels have leaped from the tree and exploded to all areas of her home and garden. "In fact, I have even been wearing one Angel earring in my left ear every day to watch over and protect me since the mid 1980’s!" says Chris.

When Chris' soul mate (and recent fiance!) Eric was looking for the perfect gift for his angel, he chose a Kate Cosgrove original painting of a plum-toned seraph to hang in her bedroom.

Chris says of her angelic accumulation "By being surrounded by angels, I am being very well taken care of and happy." May the happiness and protection continue and she and her sweetie head down the aisle to wedded bliss!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Major Award... Fra - gee- lay.

I just received word that I am one of the lucky Individual Artist Grant recipients from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing!!

This funding is a HUGE blessing as I team up with Lansing Art Gallery (this May-June) for my first major showing of kid-friendly artwork! And I was starting to sweat thinking about the expense of framing and other exhibition costs.

Nerves have kept me from applying for funding in the past... However, with the support/encouragement of my art community: Cathy Babcock, Barb Whitney, Corinn VanWyck and Roy Saper, I faced my fear and it paid off. So mark your calendars, and I hope to see you at this summer's show 'Animal ArtVenture'!

Celebrate Spring With New Art on Your Walls

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Friday, March 4, 2011

K8 Fine Art: A Birthday Gift for A Beautiful Mother

"Little Women"
5 in x 7 in * Sold