Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Have You Visited the Juniverse?

My kid and I collaborate on Junicorn, a web comic that drops every Tuesday on Instagram. Each 'episode' is based on our actual conversations. If you haven't checked it out, give us a follow. If you are already a fan, help us grow and share Junicorn with a friend! Thanks, buddies!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Downtown, where all the lights (& frogs) are bright...

I worked with about twenty cuties at the Downtown Library in Lansing, MI. I LOVE CADL! We talked a little about how I became an illustrator and how a book gets made.  I read And The Bullfrogs Sing and The Purple Pussycat. After simple frog-drawing demo the kids made their own singing bullfrog art to take home! #KidLit

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Illustrator Visits Galore!

As a shy-on-the-inside human who has been described by friends as "emotionally a small dog that shakes alot" and my new favorite "Kate is like a woodland creature, she's more afraid of you than you are of her." No one is more surprised than I as to how much I am enjoying these #Kidlit visits!

Armed with a new Powerpoint and clicker, trying out all kinds of arty projects, practicing my story reading and just connecting with the bright-eyed little ones over creative nonsense has been a blast!

I am so grateful for the scholarship I earned to attend Highlights Foundation "Crafting School Visits" program in 2018, as I am leaning on those skills pretty hard this month. I honestly do not think I would've conquered my public speaking fears without them. But not only am I battling those butterflies, I'm truly loving these moments with all the wonderful kids I have been so fortunate to meet.

If you are interested in teaming up with me for a Kidlit visit, drop me an email! k8cosgrove@gmail.com