Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Captain Hooked on Art

What do pirates like more than buried treasure? ARRRRRT by Kate Cosgrove...

Matthew is a pirate. He's into parrots, eye patches and the occasional skull-n-cross bones... But surprisingly enough, he is also starting quite the art collection.

When asked if I could supply him with a pirate-themed painting for the wall of his pirate ship, I was surprised that he didn't blow my door down with a cannon and just steal it. I was also relieved that he didn't make me walk the plank. Turns out, for a fierce pirate, Matthew is a pretty great guy! And for that Matthew, I thank you...

** If you have purchased, been gifted or possibly robbed a house where you stole Kate Cosgrove artwork, send me a photo of you & the piece (or your kid and the piece). I'll feature you on my blog! Be sure to include any details that make your story special!

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