Monday, April 13, 2009

Ah Mu Weaves a Story - Now at PRINT!!

I had the honor of illustrating a book for a group called "Chicago Welcomes You" - (narrative written by Sara Giliam). The book will help (along with other materials) acclimate Burmese refugees from the Thai camps to their new home in the city of Chicago. The book is now complete and at print. Here is a sneak peak at most of the final pages.


Ms. Johnson said...

I knew a girl named Kate Cosgrove once... she was a good girl, a nice girl, a friendly girl... even though she moved to Chicago and lived in the hood, she didn't let it change her... What a girl! :-) I wonder if you are the same Kate Cosgrove... The picture certainly looks like the girl I knew... and the artwork too, except it is WAY better now! :-)

I love your work Cos! You continue to inspire me!!! Come back to Chicago to visit me soon!

Love you!

mary therese said...

I can't wait to see the book. The colors are great and the faces so expressive that even without words, the inner trepidation and hopes of the characters are visible.