Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Best Evening Ever Spent in a Livingroom

My cousin Nicole was one of the lucky hosts to the Brian VandArk "Backyards and Living Rooms" tour. (They are also shooting a documentary of it.) And because Nicole is awesome, she let me show my artwork at the event.

Below are some photos of them performing - they are a tad dark. Which is sort of pointless of me to write, since you have eyes and can see that for yourself...

Lux Land (Brians wife and BEAUTIFUL singer)

Duet from the two of them

Arguably the BEST part of the evening! One of the people working on the Documentary is Devon Gummersall. You might remember him from a little show called "My So-Called Life" - where he played Brian Krakow.
I recently drooled over Devon in the indy film "Seven and a Match" - which is definitely worth renting.
In high school, I was in love with him... I mean, Jared Leto is pretty, but give me the smart boy anyday.... So I almost had a heart attack when I realized that he was in my cousin's living room!

Devon was very nice, and graciously posed for a photo.

Now I just have to track down Leonardo DiCaprio...

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