Monday, July 23, 2018

ArtPath Revival

The ArtPath art that could... This piece has been through a lot... damaged by a kid w/ a stick (Thanks to my friend for rescuing it during her run!) I was able to repair it and remount on some weird scrap metal from Friedland. With the help of another friend's truck and my incredible partner who lived w/ it clogging up our tiny house, lugged all 5ft of it to the site, made a risky climb over the river water into a spidereee bridge that smelled a little like pee so that it could hang safely and he could have a happy wife and an arty community. 

These are not things I could have done myself. So if you see any of these beautiful people, please thank them for going the extra mile to support #LoveLansing #PublicArt #LansingArtGallery and a more beautiful river trail. #OaklandBridge #CantKeepArtDown #ArtPath

Nesting Birds vinyl cut by ME
Nesting Birds vinyl cut by ME

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