Friday, January 17, 2014

Taxidermy Tour

I toured the Fanta Taxidermy studio this week in preparation for a project.

Fanta studio is located on a dark & winding country road. So of course I drove there at night in a snow storm, and the snow was sticking to all the address signs.

After missing my turn a few times and calling Mr. Fanta, my GPS said that I had finally arrived.  I pulled into the driveway and looked up at the house where a man was at the front window.  He waved, and I waved back.  He answered the door and said an enthusiastic "Come on in!" So I went in, took off my snowy boots and he led me into a sitting room where an older woman was sitting watching TV.  He took a seat on the couch and said "So what 'cha selling?"

I. was. not. in. the. right. house.

Turns out he was NOT Mr. Fanta of Fanta Taxidermy... He was just a random neighbor who apparently lets strangers into his house in the dark of night. Fortunately these people were not serial killers. They gave me some additional directions and I found my way to the actual studio, where I learned a little about the art of taxidermy.  I was able to take tons of photos and do some sketches of Mr. Fanta while he worked.

In the end it was an interesting night.  And now my husband wants to go visit Mr. Fanta's neighbors to try and sell them some insurance, since they seem very open to drop by visitors.

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