Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Funky Mama: Art for Another A-lister

I've had a few CEOs, businesses and all around interesting people purchase my wares... But lately, it's been celeb musicians getting in on the art.

First there was solo singer/songwriter and also The Verve Pipe front-man Brian Vander Ark and his singing/songwriting wife Lux Land.

Now Kansas City's own "Funky Mama" aka Krista Eyler has joined my client list.

Her music is beyond catchy and fun! My husband and I don't even have kids, but sang her hit single 'Grandma's House' for at least a week straight...possibly longer... and now I'm getting the urge to sing it some more.

She's been called "Kansas City's Favorite Singing Mama!"* She is definitely my favorite singing mama... So pick up her CD today and make her YOUR favorite singing Mama.


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